Determination of sex of the newborn


Determine the sex of a baby earlier birth leaving almost every couple - about even deliberately outline conceived newborn of a particular sex, following different methods. Most frequently in a course are calendar calculations and schedule for, which are assumed to influence a sex of the newborn. Based on this knowledge, the parents are thinking the name of a heir and adjust the list of what to buy for a birthday of a newborn.

Determine a sex of a child by scientific methods

The most accurate approach of determining the sex of the baby earlier birth is an ultrasound, and a newborn's gender prediction will be more accurate if it does not hold in a 1st, but at least a second trimester.

Technique of determining a sex of a child in this case is quite simple: a expert looks at the fresh fruit, and he sees his primary sexual characteristics. In approximately cases, when a child "does not want" to appear, we have to conclude on a basis of other parameters - studying a structure of the skeleton and the ratio of a size of a bones and tissues.

However, we need realize that, even in this case there may be mistakes - unluckily, it happens even in the 21st century.

There are additional methods of determining a sex of the newborn - you may be attributed to the calendar however you are based on a date of birthday of moms and dads, date of conception, the fetus and ovulation, however well how moments of "Blood Pack" - a date of a transactions and other surgical procedures in the body of moms and dads.

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