Daily child 2-3 weeks


Children first year of your are growing rapidly. Of the tasting my mum's fresh milk or formula for natural natural milk, children of 2-3 months spend some time watching my mum and looking at weight over a crib toys.

In a mode of a day except for sleeping and eating, walking and swimming are at the present time added gymnastics and chat with my mum. These lessons are just as serious for the newborn than a dream, it is with your success depends on a speed of evolution of intellectual and physical abilities.

Walking and sleeping

In the third 30 days, the baby normally falls asleep following a meal and a 1/2 - two hours. It turns out that the day he had four "sleepy" hours. You may be carried out not alone indoors, but also outdoors.

Summer street child comfortably enough sleep. While walking stroller preferably close fabric that breathes well, but protects from the sun and prevents insects. Of the walk newborn will sleep, and waking up to watch a world around him.

Long walks in the winter depending on weather conditions: at zero temperature, It is possible to walk a like two times, and in the summer, only cut a time spent on a street to one hour.

Power and communication

Small eats every 7 days more and more. Sated, he falls asleep, but it happens that the newborn is not getting enough nutrition. A newborn who does not get enough natural milk, is restless, ofttimes used to a chest and quickly wakes up of the a meal.

If the mom had problems with lactation, she must see a medic. Pediatricians normally know a lot of well-known recipes that allow no harm to a child to increase a level of natural milk production. The physician will tell you so to increase lactation and supplementary feeding baby so it will not go hungry.

Until the child is awake, mom want talk to him, to talk, to say his name, to talk some the surrounding objects, people, read poetry. Comfortably, if a night my mother would sing child lullabies. You not alone expand the intellect baby, but also soothe him ready for bed.


Part of a carefully bathing, if you like a baby, you can extend a bit. Three-month child would be happy to "float" in a arms of my mom, handles splash in a water. With his rejection of bathing want not delay the longer than necessary.

H2o temperature should not be too hot, it is best to measure it tested grandma's way - an elbow, so do not should a thermometer, and a mum will be sure Vodicka for her offspring is quite comfortable.

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