Air baths for babies and children


Hardening babies up to a year is automatically done normal weekly procedures: physical jerks, swimming and walking. Parents do not necessarily experience a child infant extreme temperatures. General tempering procedures, which are shown all a babies are safe and do not request particular consultation with a pediatrician.

Hardening of children with air baths is one of a simplest procedures. Beginning with the birthday of a newborn, my mother every day, one way or some, puts his tempering with air baths.

Domestic air baths for babies

A air temperature in a rooms where sleeping newborn newborn, where he eats breast natural milk, and where it will be stripped to do air baths want not be below 23 degrees. So babies have older, it can be a small drop. At the age of one year of healthy baby may undress at 20 degrees.

Good of all, if a temperature in a room where a child sleeps naturally has a desired degree. If it is much higher, the apartment frequently askes ventilation. At short temperatures, in an rooms or parents get additional heaters to heat rooms. Are most suitable for children's rooms oil heaters, so they are safer. Adjust a temperature with a air conditioner in a infants's apartment is not desired: not all that good for adults is good for kids. Caring parents know what they need for the baby, as try to make his life more secure, for this cause, they will not and do a draft in the placement when it is their newborn.

Domestic air baths, so comfortably as bathing a child, held daily, regardless of the weather and the season. Newborn newborn strip specifically or however required, like when you demand to change a diaper, and left naked for a couple of min. At this time, possess a good physical jerks or massage, during which a mother may play with the toddler, talk to him. The second month of air baths get a duration of 5 min in a third and fourth - 83-10, and so on. In twelve weeks, a newborn can be naked to 30 minutes every day.

Air bath on the walk

How the kids used hardening and air baths in a recent air. Usual walk brings real quenched action, although a baby is in a clothes. In a summer festivities with a child child may keep a duration of some an hour, and in the winter to Fifteen minutes and only in calm weather, when a temperature does not fall below -5 degrees. During the 1st year, and increases the duration of walking up to some hours in a summer and up to six - in winter.

In a summer, a second half of a newborn residing in a open air, it is possible for a few minutes daily to undress for taking air and sun. This is done in a soft, sunny time in the country or in places of recreation. Because physicians are inclined to believe that the sun's rays adversely affect a female aging body, that long to find a baby in a sun is not permitted. It is best if he will play in the penumbra, where warm, but not hot, and there is no direct sunlight.

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