At sea with a small baby


When it's time to leave, the whole population tends closer to a heartwarming sea. And moms with kids are no exception, recent air goodness for kids - it strengthens their health and contributes to a normal evolution of the respiratory tract. Correctly if your baby is more than a year, a problems of adaptation to a hot climate should not be. What to do for families with kids, do not even celebrate his first birthday?

The most influential item in these cases thoroughly prepare for the trip, opt a suitable place of rest which shall be provided with all a equipment and provide the child with a required items for a comfortable existence. Gather on a sea with a baby is complete to not hoping to buy anything to rest on arrival, how you request blends, purees or even diapers there may not be.

1st of all, do not radically replace the climate zone, perfect for a family with a newborn stay in the Crimea. Resort, located in a dense coniferous forest the best option for a holiday. A good scent of a Crimean medicinal trees, combined with a sea breeze will contribute to strengthening a immune system of a newborn. But it should be noted that a forest - it is also the insects on which require to protect a baby. Select a rooms with mosquito nets on the windows and a canopy complete the bed (in a pinch, It is possible to create it yourself). Elektrofumigatorov use in a room with attractive infants is highly undesirable.

You need also pay careful striving to healthy eating the newborn. Ideal - breastfeeding, but if for the cause a child is in synthetic mixtures, stock up on them to preserve earlier his departure. Lures such as cereal, veggie purees and juices are best to buy a factory-sealed jars.

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