Erythema children


Erythema newborns - a disease or a common reaction babies? What are a varied types of erythema, how they differ and as treated?

Newborn baby for a parents and loved ones is always lovely, but older babies and immediate evil neighbors may ask: "why a child however red?" Quite simply, it is a first 7 days of life the baby is exposed to such a state how a physiological neonatal erythema. It gives a skin and redness in a child for a any hours.

In addition to the physiological neonatal erythema toxic erythema and at times it happens in a little percentage of babies. Both conditions are almost never demand treatment, you need only time and exceptional look after a child.

Physiological neonatal erythema

Physiological erythema is a kind of reaction to a new baby's skin for a habitat. Terms of fetal baby are much various from air, where he will live, however in the first 7 days toddler skin adapts.

The adaptation process is accompanied by increased blood flow to a skin. Dilated capillaries do child red everywhere, or, in some cases, a redness extends only to the arms and legs.

There is such a state of the 2 or three times later birth, and is 7-10 hours without any intervention on a part of moms and dads.

To accelerate the disappearance of erythema recommend production child air baths, which are required in order to "cool" a aging body of a baby. Often accompanied by redness of a face peeling, so by a physician, It is possible to apply baby cream.

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