How to wean a baby with breast-feeding


Weaning child from lactation, both for the child and the mum is not always smooth. This physical and emotional discomfort, when the mum feels that moving away from the newborn. This situation can bring to depression. To avoid the complications should be extremely careful in this question.

However a most painless to disaccustom a newborn with lactation

If you accumulate a lot of chest milk, as experience can be used child 20 seconds to pick up away the excess natural milk and discomfort disappear. Want not bind tightly breasts during weaning with ore feeding is useless. The volume of natural milk, and as will decrease and eventually disappear completely effortlessly.

With a moderate amount of natural milk, the transition from breastfeeding to a cup or bottle need be gradual. Should be replaced by one lactation natural milk in a cup. If a child is not against this replace, so later one or 2 week to strive to change another feeding. It is best to experiment on a reasonable and afternoon feeding when the child is ready for new sensations. In a evening, to quietly prepare for bed, better to feed the newborn. Later, after a 7 days, It is possible to substitute and evening feeding.

However required by accumulating may express her natural milk to relieve discomfort in the chest. Do not allow the newborn to nurse a long time (5 minutes), it stimulates the production of milk and a fresh will be as swell.

Lactation is more effective for attractive growing bodies, but it is advisable to substitute it by a cup of natural milk or bottle. Accustomed to get a cup of 5 weeks, to encourage a baby to be independent, to hold and drink from a cup. A sooner he gets used to the fact that you can drink with a cup, it will be easier in a future to wean.

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