Photo Album for the child. Do ourselves


The 1-st year of newborn's life full of events: 1-st smile, first word, the first small step. And what happens to funny situations, at times entering the camera lens?! All it wants to organize and manage, so you can and most admire, and friends show.

However to any photo mum possess a bunch of important and interesting comments, a regular album will not do. And if a store was dismantled special book-album, where you can enter text and pictures, how my mom would possess made it the most. It's simple enough.

Make a photo album

To make a photo album claim sketchbook or approximately thick sheets. They can seal with punch and binder, or the old-fashioned needle and thread to sew. In this case, it is best not to fix a thread or ribbon, and leave her tied to the bow, because the baby is growing and you may need new sheets.

A cover is preferably done from cardboard, paste complete his lovely self-adhesive film or fabric, such as satin or velvet. Cloth onto a friend with childhood paste, cooked floury and water. In the center of the cover in the form of a heart attach a favorite photo newborn or the entire family.

Making infants's album

A structure of the album may be planned in advance, because you can predict the stages of development of the child. The 1st photo in the albums are traditionally is the one that took off his proud father, when you select up with a hospital. Further it is potential to vary the theme for the situation. For example, learning to grandma and grandpa, or fantasies of semolina. Each family has its own traditions, they too can find a place in a children's album.

In addition to photographs in an album and put approximately interesting memorabilia, such as a picture of the foot or a kid handle his first hairs, etc. These artifacts can be fixed in a transparent plastic bag and hidden in paper envelopes Secrets. Grown up child will enjoy fun with enthusiasm by opening them and pulling out "treasures."

Attach photos and envelopes with "treasures" can be over with a same self-adhesive paper, tape or staples. If you need images can be pulled out of the album, you possess to cut corners out of normal paper. In this case, they should to make a little bigger, because one part will be glued to a album, and a other will dish up however a holder for photos.

Making music labels may be charged Pope. It will help you write beautifully colored pencils, crayons, markers or markers headlines and photo captions.

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