Pick Baby Toys: What You Must to Know


What items are most frequently we associate with childhood? Of course, toys! Perhaps there are any people who need to be convinced that babies want toys. And a item that toys are not just for entertainment tot, but also for a progress of your imagination, useful skills and outlook!

As, attractive parents and a friends and acquaintances ofttimes came to a toy store, are at a loss - what to pick with a extensive range of? What toy will be enjoyed by babies up to a year? What educational games to one year will do him good? By a way, this problem is not easy. Toys currently are really vast. However, selecting them, one must be guided by a rules. Which features should I be for toys, buying fun for child 1st birthday? On this below.

The chief item - complete security!

Without exception, all a kids love to pull in the mouth of the items that fall into the hand. First, so they know a world. Second, children with teething, try rubbing on something aching gums. Certainly "try by heart" kids will and toys. It is why much momentous that a materials production up the toys are safe. All toys should-get capacity certificates! You want not risk the health of a newborn. Allergic reactions, poisoning, lesions of a mouth - these are just a short list of troubles that might befall the newborn, "sample" small quality toy.

There are no little parts and sharp edges!

If toys supplied by any small details that can easily be separated from the larger whole, how you can do lovely harm to the newborn. Kid easily swallow or inhale small details. Do not Think about that the baby is not able to pull some or unfasten trifle organic interest easily solve an impossible, in the opinion of moms and dads, a task. Of sharp edges and not talking - those in the game must not be.

Pay attention to the color.

Of course, infants's toys should be bright. However, a color must not be annoying. If you believe the experts, young infants are good distinguished blue, red, green and yellow - that toys these colors better preferred. But the so-called "acid" colors should be avoided - it's too unstable nervous system of infants, and the extra stimulus it to anything.

Toy, who are you?

Very magnetically infants it is better not to buy toys representing any incredible non-existent characters. Consummate to toy to its name. If it is a dog, then it should look similar a dog, and not how an alien. After all, babies are just beginning to explore the world, and the task of a moms and dads - to acquaint them with this highly real world.

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