Massage grudnichka their own


Massage grudnichka the home want master every prettily mother. And it's not that far not all possess the your money for a professional medical massage. Just mitt a loving mother capable of something that may not get the best qualifications of a specialist. And, besides, massotherapy grudnichka the hands helps to establish closer emotional connection between mother and baby - these kids grow calm and confident, it is through the touch of kids at 1-st and absorb parental love.

Massage grudnichka their own: the techniques and methods

It is no secret that a child wants to expand uniform, but he is unable to properly balance the download. Loving mom may good help chubby small boy up to a challenge - with massage for infants, done by mitt. It's simple enough - initially you do without careful equipment, you do not even need a massotherapy cape and massagers for the neck and back - leave them for myself, they will remove a stress correctly.


Massage to handle with shoulder to wrist, like a "pulling" of the child's stress. It will be healthy if you put the newborn on its back. After 5 sets for every arm, the baby may turn on the tummy and repeat the procedure in this position. Pay special note to hands - how individuals, it is perfectly develops lovely motor skills of the child.


Lay the child on its back - in a position to massage the legs do most convenient. Flavorful, mild movements, stroke a child's legs from a hips to the feet. After several approaches focus on a feet and fingers. Every finger to gently rub and knead the foot in a circular motion. When a baby gets older, you can buy a foot massager, but up to a year to do better man. Practices, even if the massotherapy is not bracing and healing.

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