Treating infants with antibiotics


Treatment of babies with antibiotics - a subject of fierce debate between a medical and a magnetically mom. A former believe that antibiotics win a disease, the second wave for the fact that this group of drugs seriously affect the baby's immune system. What's interesting - and they both are right. Let's face it.

When a treatment of babies with antibiotics is justified

A fact that antibiotic treatment significantly affects a child's aging body to a year - long proven fact, but, unluckily, there are times when without it just will not do. Sometimes the delay is too dangerous - in such cases, a treatment of children with antibiotics is a alone decision.

Poisoning toxins. Too rapid growth of pathogens at minutes worsen the disease - a threat to life or a occurrence of irreparable capacity is too big.

Chronic disease state. If a disease is in the baby becomes chronic, it means that it is a undertreated inflammation and the measures taken are declared to be insufficient.

The acute stage of a disease. When a situation gets out of control and a baby is suffering with acute purulent inflammation without radical means a situation with no put to move - you want a breakthrough.

Postoperative rehabilitation. If a kid had surgery, it has get particularly vulnerable to germs. Weakening of the body simply may not afford to reflect such attacks - demand a "total cleansing 'of antibiotics.

Principles of treatment of babies with antibiotics

Treatment of infants with antibiotics has its nuances - note them in order not to harm a child and to accelerate his recovery.

Only when it is required

It is no secret that a microorganisms are able to adapt to antibiotics. In order not to leave her 3-30 days-old baby with no immune system, antibiotics are used only in extreme cases.

Just what the doctor ordered

If you keep no medical training, it is correct not to self-medicate. Take only those drugs that are assigned to a newborn medic of the a thorough study of the issue.

As long however indispensable

How soon however a child is getting good, many moms opt to cancel your own "harmful" antibiotics, but a temporary improvement is not to say that a disease is really defeated.

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