Treatment of mastitis in lactating


Issues of treatment of mastitis in lactation, according to statistics, has great interest 5-6% newly given birth. It is noteworthy that there is not alone mastitis in lactating gerls, occasionally with them may face pregnancy, and in extremely rare cases, never even giving birthday and beremenevshie gerls. But mostly insidious disease chooses nursing and treatment of mastitis in this patient askes immediate medical intervention - is threatened not only the heartiness of a mom, but also a well-being of the child.

Treatment of mastitis in lactating: ways and means

Under mastitis in medicine mean infectious inflammation of the mammary gland. Most frequently it occurs in women at a start of a lactation period - 2-3 week, but we are not perfect and a fact that the disease will manifest itself later - happens, it happens when the mom of 3-month-old baby relax and forget approximately a tough soundness and sanitary polish.

Treatment of mastitis in nursing mothers is inevitably accompanied by a temporary abandonment of breast-feeding - a sick young girl, alas, produce milk with dangerous bacteria and medicines used in a treatment, alas, also not too good.

Non-surgical treatment of mastitis is possible only if a serous form of the disease - at this stage is used antibiotics and anesthetics - specific drugs, doses and routes of administration determined by the attending physician.

In approximately cases, you may require surgery - if mastitis had to run from a phase of serous to purulent. These operations are performed under general anesthesia, and a acceleration of rehabilitation rests with antibiotics prescribed by a medic.

In folk medicine, there are also recommendations for the treatment of mastitis in lactating, but the risk that a herbs are insufficiently efficient, is too large, and this is exactly a case when the delay to a active treatment of a serious threat to women's hygiene.

Breast-feeding may resume alone when breast milk has successfully passed a medical check for sterility.

Possible causes of mastitis in lactating

Despite the fact that a treatment of mastitis in nursing is an incredibly important issue and a nature of the disease studied, the causes of mastitis is not known. Bacterial infection suggests that a warm ducts become infected, but exactly as this happens, doctors find it difficult to say, highlighting only a possible risk factors.

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