Choosing a medic for the newborn


Found in current children's clinic Aybolita goodness physician is much difficult. And it's not that great doctors extinct, just a doctor, especially people with the specific behavior, preferences. Going in search of infants's medical man, my mom is looking for, above all, a good man (with a perspective).


Influential role in medicine playing experience. Specifically for pediatricians. Experienced specialist speedily and without additional suffering for the newborn and moms and dads diagnose, advise home remedies for cold-blooded, tell the mother however to increase milk supply, and answers to many of her questions.

As, in some cases, a experience may not do a more good job. Ofttimes veteran pediatricians, coming to a sick child, diagnosed without looking, thinking that if a previous 10 calls were about rotavirus infection, and the eleventh, too. These physicians are good avoided, you can be in the wake of your self-confidence to put misdiagnosis and therefore assign a wrong treatment.

Education and Qualifications

Qualification pediatrician, of course, also has a value, it is unlikely anyone would require to nurse a baby examined or half-taught expert who can not distinguish 'tween teething in infants from a cold. Now in a city clinics this is not the case, but in the countryside kiddies and your moms and dads get to rely on that medical man, who works on your site.

Individual qualities

If a mom can opt a medical man in the clinic, you want sit in queues to pediatricians and talk with other Mums. Listening to moms want do allowances for a particular narrator, because all people subjectively judge the surrounding reality. For example, an efficacious parent, having a choleric temperament, the physician may describe so "sluggish and slow", while a cool mum-phlegmatic say "attentive and calm."

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