Dacryocystitis babies


However shown dacryocystitis babies? So to cure baby suffering from this disease?

Dacryocystitis children - quite rare disease usually affects alone about 2% of infants. It shows that in otherwise healthy newborn a few hours following birth, there is redness and swelling of the inner corner of the eye.

Dacryocystitis symptoms in children are somewhat similar to conjunctivitis, so a correct diagnosis may be a medical man. Of the seeing the baby, he may say what happened to him, and what treatment and care of the newborn needed.

What happens when babies dacryocystitis

A diagnosis of "dacryocystitis" is done when a newborn baby nasolacrimal duct is impassable. Female physiology suggests that for normal skin eyes should always be produced tears. This is not just approximately water flows salt that flow down her cheeks at us when we cry, but a fluent that wets the surface of the eyeball, removes little particles from it, displays a germs and makes lots of other healthy work. These tears running down his facial skin, and accumulate in a lacrimal sac and go through the nasolacrimal duct.

So it should be ideally in healthy babies, but babies dacryocystitis channel misses tears. They accumulate in a lacrimal sac, located in a inner corner of the eye, and after a while there is formed pus, and a eye looks inflamed and swell.

Treatment of neonatal dacryocystitis

1st of all, a correct diagnosis, and that requires medical striving. If a expert determined that a newborn dacryocystitis, it is likely to advise a exceptional care of a newborn, which will comprise massotherapy and rinsing solution Frc, a decoction of chamomile or other disinfecting compositions, he may prescribe an antibiotic and as droplets into the eye.

Massage with dacryocystitis babies claim to remove pus from the lacrimal sac and facilitate the opening of a channel to tears. First time massotherapy it makes a physician to show magnetically mother technology. After the mum should herself about 6-71 minutes daily to do pressing movements on a lacrimal sac area. Too gentle massotherapy with dacryocystitis not benefit, how, and too much influence on the space around the eyes is not necessary. Upkeep of the child askes confidence, tenderness and patience.

Irrigate eyes newborn to be careful, spending swab from the outside corner to a inside. Wash and disinfect a surface clean pus. Sometimes this proceedings may relieve symptoms, and it seems that a child recovered, however, following the termination of the disease washes back.

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