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What are a grandmother? It always raise my grandmother spoiled newborn? What may help my grandmother in a maintenance of a child a first year?

Grandma in life there are different, one in the first year of child's life for their infants can be an invaluable assistant and sovetchitsey, wise source of knowledge size a babies, and the other just find some cause to quarrel. It all depends on a nature, age and life circumstances.

In a first months of my grandma most should not to the kid and his parents. It may save a attractive family from many problems of a psychological nature, to defuse a situation and taking a part of the care of a newborn and the cottage.

There are some common types of grandparents, every with its characteristic features and behaviors.

Grandmother on call. This species grandma lives in the like city, but in a different room. It comes at a invitation or by agreement on certain hours, ie similar a babysitter.

This granny may be on either position: on the territory of the children, it is important alone grandma, but not in-law and mom in law. If she do one - 2 comments during intercourse, you should not dwell on it, it is influential to remember that she came to help, and accept it with gratitude.

His obligations to his grandson grandmother on call most ofttimes sees not in communion with the newborn, but to make a comfortable environment for living. So she understands it, is a complex problem. Perhaps her support will be limited wash and ironing newborn clothes, buying child food and toys. Such contributions need not be underestimated, because in the 1-st year of my mom more hard, and any help is beneficial. At times there are "teachable" grandmother who let the babies walk for a couple of hours. At this time, moms and dads are able to communicate with every other, go for a visit or to a movies.

A grandma of a family. This grandma lives in an apartment with her infants and grandchildren, she was used to playing the role, or in-law or mum in law, how do not immediately switch to the image of his grandmother. In ordering to help her, and send it to the note of her grandson, apply flattery disguised so every girl will be glad to know that she raised a wonderful baby, gives a more, very useful tips for caring for the grandchildren, that she is a lovely hostess and generally lovely person.

With her grandmother in the family can expect any help, depending on existing relations. If they are warm, and related, the price it is not, it will help in the weeks to transfer the burdens of night standing, tell you so to cure colic in children, walk with a newborn while mum sleeps. In a situation where a strained relationship, newborn, which appeared in a home, how can defuse a situation and make it even more intense.

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