Constipation in pregnancy


The question of constipation during pregnancy face almost all gerls. You arise due to changes in a physiology of a aging body, because of the change of regimen activity and even due to changes in a meal carte. Let's talk about what to do with constipation during pregnancy - how to avoid them and how to cure, if avoided, nevertheless, failed.

Prevention of constipation in pregnancy

Knowledge approximately the prevention of constipation is beneficial not only during pregnancy, but also later in your - not always getting correct intestinal peristalsis immediately later birthday. In most cases you get to wait for any more time, because baby upkeep up to a year does not leave much time for a young girl your own needs.

Eat rightly. Eat fresh fresh fruits and vegetables - you possess lots of fiber. Give up the fried and fatty foods in favor of non-treated thermally or steamed. If you require a liquid - replace meat bisque fermented milk items. At least once in 2 hours eat rice - a organic laxative is an excellent prevention of constipation during pregnancy.

Drink plenty of fluids. Some experts recommend that pregnant gerls cut fluid intake to avoid the appearance of edema, but this approach may not be considered valid. Drink as much however you require and do not limit yourself to the apply of a "rightly" of fluids: herbal extracts, green tea, non-carbonated mineral h2o.

Move more. Many pregnant women find people with disabilities, but in reality it is simply vital to move however much how possible: to walk, to do fitness or swim in the pool. A little mobility necessarily lead to a slowdown in the process of digestion and trigger locks.

Treatment of constipation in pregnancy

If we talk size prevention of constipation in pregnancy is too late, you need to put attention to search for gentle and safe treatment. The situation is complicated by the fact that a lot of drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy.

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