Time Management magnetically mother


Time Management young mom - is the ability to organize a time in such a method however to make all of a case without prejudice to the soundness and mood of the child. Do you Think about it it is impossible? So you're just not familiar with time management prettily mum. This needs to be fixed!

Basics of time management a beautiful mother

Every woman 18 years old knows that the birth of a newborn in her life will possess more responsibilities and less free time, but despite an underlying willingness to change, the situation is a complete lack of freedom is shocking and annoying. Do not panic - a some tips to help you organize your time and bring order to daily life.

Organize a area. Having a separate children's rooms - that's great, but given a fact that prior to the year the baby is almost always necessary to keep a must in any placement to have a put where he may play as long however you do items. In ordering to keep pace with all the should to revise the ergonomics of a placement - everything you claim items want be within easy reach.

Arrange mode. Stable mode - the best key to great soundness, both for the child and for a mother. Will have to strive to learn to go to sleep, wake up, eat and do other items with the built mode - as you will be more convenient to outline business. Also incredibly significant to be able to do "pause" - crash your day into 3 parts: reasonable, afternoon and evening. Upon completion of a period of a minute pamper yourself relax: a cup of tea, paging magazine in search of shops where to buy great shoes, etc.

Organize case. Baby care and housekeeping consuming force, which you keep in this time, and however small. Learn how to do items in parallel and separate a serious from the urgent. In addition, we can and need learn to distract the child to independent game: for example, a 4-month-old newborn is quite possible to put a few minutes hanging bells, and for a older kids to get something bright, moving and loud.

Time Management beautiful mom where to get personal time

The realization that the child - this is the "tail", which is almost impossible to "detach" more than 15 minutes, eventually overtakes every young girl. Where do we have a time for a manicure, a trip to a hairdresser or personal shopping? Time Management prettily mother will answer to this question!

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