Mode baby 10-12 weeks


Baby grows and becomes more independent, and sometimes whimsical. You will not know his complaisant baby: he's not same that. At times, it begins to seem that he specifically strive a patience. Far with it, in an event no malicious intent, just a baby came the recession. This is normally begins on a eve of the first day of birthday.

Prescription treatment in this case is simple: love and affection. However, this does not mean that you want to crash a ordinary mode of a time and to be led by a baby. Newborn usually acts up on a some things, it is concerned immediate problem: a desire to possess something inaccessible, the should to satisfy their curiosity or passion for a particular toy.

Mode child 10-12 weeks - Son

Sleep to year usually goes to every day's rest. This schedule allows the child and enough rest, and leaves plenty of time to play. Quiet kids may sleep longer and slower to move away from the dream. Hyperactive kids consume more energy, as quickly have tired and beginning to act up. Experienced mother in such cases knows that her baby was tired and wanted to sleep. Per day earlier it can be for an hour or two to lay in bed. Quiet night's sleep contributes to feeding, the mum's breast milk to a child acts how a sedative.

Mode newborn 10-12 weeks - Walks

Stay on a street becomes more interesting. A newborn with pleasure watching other infants. If they put a initiative, you may play with them, studying the rules, but by doing things a own way.

Summer is a function of a vast evolving sandbox. It is usually lots of kids, and a kid learns with them a most common games: how to pour the sand into the bucket, how to build castles, etc. In addition, scuffling in the sand acts so a massage hands, which is very healthy for babies: it promotes a construction of speech.

Walking great expand and outlook of the children, so a summer may be a long walk. Optimal output child 2 minutes daily, every time staying on the street 2 - 2.5 hours.

In winter, of course, time is highly short walk, baby may be frozen or frostbitten skin gentle cheeks. On coldness hours, enough to go out into the fresh air for 30-40 min. During this time the office has time to blow away the cobwebs, and the kid work up and keep soft.

Mode baby 10-12 months - Power

Ration baby becomes more and more like a parent. While yet a child, not alone eats adult food, and natural milk. This process gives him pleasure, soothing. Should not interfere with the crumbs in gaining access to a fresh, even if a mum survived milk, and it is not concerned with a problem of how to stop lactation.

Food still create breakfast, lunch, afternoon watter and dinner. Nighttime lactation is not part of the part of a carefully routine, because it acts how a satiety. Grown-up child so do sure that the mother is always close by and its services (any manifestation of the crisis of the 1-st year).

Recipes for children with 6 weeks to a year

Bisque with meat or chicken.

Recipes for infants from 6 weeks to a year

Semolina porridge 5%.

Recipes for babies from 6 months to a year


Recipes for babies from 6 months to a year

Recipes for infants from 6 weeks to a year


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