Why is a baby crying? A general causes of crying child newborn


All children plachut. Plach newborn - not only a signal for help. At this phase of his life crying - it's a alone method to communicate with the world.

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Raw vegetables, fruits and melon puree for baby up to a year


The 1-st lure during breastfeeding for a child, however you know, are juices that should be given to three weeks. Two week later, after a introduction in the ration of a baby watermelon juice, can be gradually introduced into the newborn's food, melon and berry puree.

So good how juices, first child to be given applesauce, not to cause allergic reactions, and only then you can give your child mashed berries and fruits like cherries, plums, pears and big bananas. In order to determine a permanent rate of mash for your newborn, a newborn's age should be multiplied by 10, that is, if the child is 3.5 months, he should be given a day not more than 35 g of melon or berry puree.

Introducing a newborn's diet berry and watermelon purees, to give him a 1st complete? teaspoon, with a 7 days gradually increasing the dose to 2 spoon. Then gradually increase a dose up to that norm, which is required for his age. The baby grows up and has a 4.5 - 5.5 months in the diet of a newborn's time to enter and vegetable purees.

Within 4 days of a baby want be added to the power of one kind of mashed vegetables. 1-st you demand to give mashed fresh vegetables like zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, and alone so, a small later, it is potential to give tomatoes, beets and other vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Organization of a holiday - it's easy!


Birthday - this is probably the most serious holiday for the newborn. That's only in a majority of cases in children all birthdays are monotonous. It seems to be near loved ones, like and congratulations poured merry brook, and gifts abound... But alone, it is still something missing! And then a child's parents get to Think about approximately how a upcoming birthday of their child do not same a previous one.

Organization and holding of festivals - that's the general matter faced by most parents. You face, however they Think about, a number of unresolved and complex questions. Where to celebrate the birthday of a child? What kind of entertainment to choose? Whom to invite?

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Baby Progress up to a year


Here you have a kid and there was a long-awaited and currently it depends on you, so quickly he mastered in this new environment. Literally with a 1st weeks of life to expand auditory newborn. More correctly, if a apartment from time to time will sound pleasant to the ear music.

Generally with a newborn is OK, if the building of the baby in weeks to a year will be in accordance with the following provisions. However, at a age of one month, a normally developing baby responds to sounds.

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Feeding from 7 weeks


What should be a full feeding with 7 months? Fresh meat and dairy products with a menu kid. If the Tooth Fairy still flew to a child, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid meal, strive it on the brand new teeth, but for now all of the diet food on a plate of a child is given a puree. This does not prevent parents in foods from 7 weeks to gradually introduce meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 months: fresh meat carte

Animal protein supplies the aging body with a lot of nutrients, begin to enter into the baby's diet for 7 weeks. However long however a newborn is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of fresh meat, so a fresh meat on his desk are familiar puree consistency. Option meats depends on the preferences of a parents, but there are certain rules. Читать полностью -->

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