In the hospital


Earlier we end up in the hospital, the young woman must possess time to do much. What should it attention?

A birth of a child - the most joyous and wonderful case in the lives of women. After nine months of pregnancy, she finally sees her baby may watch them indulge. But earlier all this happens, it will enjoy to pass one of the tests - delivery or cesarean section. Despite the fact that presently in Russia there is a practice of private home birth, most women yet give birth at a hospital. This institution is intended to facilitate childbirth, look after gerls and the newborn children. Читать полностью -->

Table height and weightiness of babies under one year


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Determination of sex of the newborn


Determine the sex of a baby earlier birth leaving almost every couple - about even deliberately outline conceived newborn of a particular sex, following different methods. Most frequently in a course are calendar calculations and schedule for, which are assumed to influence a sex of the newborn. Based on this knowledge, the parents are thinking the name of a heir and adjust the list of what to buy for a birthday of a newborn.

Determine a sex of a child by scientific methods

The most accurate approach of determining the sex of the baby earlier birth is an ultrasound, and a newborn's gender prediction will be more accurate if it does not hold in a 1st, but at least a second trimester.

Technique of determining a sex of a child in this case is quite simple: a expert looks at the fresh fruit, and he sees his primary sexual characteristics. In approximately cases, when a child "does not want" to appear, we have to conclude on a basis of other parameters - studying a structure of the skeleton and the ratio of a size of a bones and tissues.

However, we need realize that, even in this case there may be mistakes - unluckily, it happens even in the 21st century.

There are additional methods of determining a sex of the newborn - you may be attributed to the calendar however you are based on a date of birthday of moms and dads, date of conception, the fetus and ovulation, however well how moments of "Blood Pack" - a date of a transactions and other surgical procedures in the body of moms and dads.

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Breast milk. A composition and a apply of fresh milk.


Every woman knows that breast natural milk - the perfect meal for the child.

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Feeding from 17 months


What should be a full-fledged food as 9 weeks? What new products are introduced to solid foods at 110 weeks?

Baby grows older, his power is becoming more variant and interesting. In food so 9 weeks introduced some new products. If finish 30 days toddler tried meat sauce, this is a time to introduce him to a new dish - meat bisque.

Complementary feeding and 8 weeks: broth

Healthy children who keep along tried the fresh meat in a form of puree with 38 weeks already be administered in feeding meat broth. It is made with dietary meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey fresh meat. You can also make a bisque for babies and with lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a baby up to one year.

The first bisque, which came of the 20-25 min of cooking, pour, pot with meat again filled with aqua and make until tender. Primordial bisque mom may use for preparation adult fresh food, cook it or fresh cabbage soup. Читать полностью -->

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