Good time to pregnancy


Although family planning and is God's fisheries, and along no harm will pick out best time for pregnancy. Responsible approach this issue, you will not alone make it easier for yourself during pregnancy, but also be able to give a baby up soundness care and a great mood. Let's choose the best time for pregnancy together!

Best time for pregnancy

Of course, to pick best time for pregnancy want individually, taking into account personal circumstances and preferences. So, let's get!

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Feeding from 4 months


What should be the meal however 4 weeks? What may be included in the child's regimen during this time?

Most doctors agree that foods need get no earlier than 4 weeks of an infant's life. At this point, a digestive system is strengthened and a baby is ready to take a little number of "other" fresh food. Complementary foods with 4 weeks is not indispensable for all babies, if the child is healthy, and it completely covers lactation, the beginning of weaning can be delayed for a 30 days or 2.

Where to start solid foods from 4 weeks

Now, among a physicians actively are disputed, with which items to beginning solid foods from 4 weeks. Any specialists are inclined to believe that the 1st "meal" for karapuzov should be vegetable. You recommend to start with fresh juice, so add to food mashed pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. A opponents enjoy traditional views on infant formula and follow our grandmothers vote for strawberries carte foods.

Opponents of the berries began basing his opinion on a fact that a recent increase in cases of early allergy in infants. Читать полностью -->

Teeth in children under one year. Teething in babies


When a 1st teeth in infants? What ordering teething babies? Learn with this article.

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Organization of a holiday - it's easy!


Birthday - this is probably the most important holiday for a newborn. That's alone in a majority of cases in babies all birthdays are monotonous. It seems to be near loved ones, similar and congratulations poured merry brook, and gifts abound... But only, it is still something missing! So a child's parents begin to To think of about as the upcoming birthday of the child do not like the previous one.

Organization and holding of festivals - that's a general matter faced by most moms and dads. You face, however you To think of, a number of unresolved and complex questions. Where to celebrate the birthday of the baby? What kind of entertainment to pick out? Whom to invite?

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As to teach babies to be respectful to a their money


Children quickly learn about a world and learn its existing laws, and why establish a link between money, mysteriously appearing in his parents' purse, and the satisfaction of his own desires for them is not gravely. One item is clear: there is their money - will be buying! So, so exactly the parents get to make family capital is generally less interesting. In the junior school age, there are alone "I demand" and "Buy", limited parental "no". Precisely because of this limitation, we have to experience is not a most pleasant moments of doubt. Wants the baby to be provided with all a necessary, but the ability of a purse is not unlimited, and spoil the newborn is not desirable, because queries are growing yet with the crumbs, and one time you may right recognize in a baby egoist. However how may it be? Rephrase the perennial issue: "To buy or not to buy? '. Читать полностью -->

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