Many moms and dads believe that a magnetically baby is not interested in adult conversations and obscure. Why, in the presence of children, as a rule, free to discuss the topic.

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Feeding with 4 months


What want be a fresh food as 4 months? What may be included in a baby's food during this time?

Most doctors agree that foods should start no earlier than 4 months of an infant's life. At this point, the digestive system is strengthened and the child is ready to take a little number of "other" diet food. Complementary foods from 4 months is not required for all babies, if the baby is healthy, and it completely covers breast-feeding, a beginning of weaning may be delayed for a month or two.

Where to start solid foods from 4 weeks

Today, among the physicians actively are disputed, with which products to start solid foods with 4 months. About specialists are inclined to believe that a first "meal" for karapuzov must be vegetable. They recommend to start with juice, then throw in diet food mashed pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. A opponents get traditional views on infant formula and follow our grandmothers vote for plum day menu foods.

Opponents of a fresh fruit began basing his opinion on the fact that the recent increase in cases of early allergy in babies. Читать полностью -->

Apgar score. Assessment of neonatal Apgar


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Dacryocystitis babies


However shown dacryocystitis babies? So to cure baby suffering from this disease?

Dacryocystitis children - quite rare disease usually affects alone about 2% of infants. It shows that in otherwise healthy newborn a few hours following birth, there is redness and swelling of the inner corner of the eye.

Dacryocystitis symptoms in children are somewhat similar to conjunctivitis, so a correct diagnosis may be a medical man. Of the seeing the baby, he may say what happened to him, and what treatment and care of the newborn needed.

What happens when babies dacryocystitis

A diagnosis of "dacryocystitis" is done when a newborn baby nasolacrimal duct is impassable. Female physiology suggests that for normal skin eyes should always be produced tears. This is not just approximately water flows salt that flow down her cheeks at us when we cry, but a fluent that wets the surface of the eyeball, removes little particles from it, displays a germs and makes lots of other healthy work. These tears running down his facial skin, and accumulate in a lacrimal sac and go through the nasolacrimal duct.

So it should be ideally in healthy babies, but babies dacryocystitis channel misses tears. Читать полностью -->

So to give the newborn medicine


How well to give a child or infant medicine? The following tips will help you cope with this hard task.

1. So to give a newborn and infant syrup?

If you prefer to give a syrup a limited syringe, make sure that a medicine gone right path. To do this, place the tip of a syringe into the corner of a mouth and point it toward the inside of a cheek, not the throat. Slowly push the plunger to a baby time to swallow the contents.

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