Teeth in babies under one year. Teething in children


When the 1-st teeth in children? What order teething babies? Learn with this article.

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Forever newborn 2-3 weeks


Babies first year of life are growing rapidly. Later tasting my mom's warm milk or formula for breast milk, children of 2-3 months spend some time watching my mum and looking at weighing over the crib toys.

In a mode of a day except for sleeping and eating, walking and swimming are at the present time added physical jerks and chat with my mom. These lessons are just however serious for a child than a dream, it is from a success depends on the speed of building of intellectual and physical abilities.

Walking and sleeping

In a third month, the baby usually falls asleep after a meal and a 1/2 - two hours. It turns out that the time he had four "sleepy" hours. They can be carried out not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Summer street newborn properly enough sleep. While walking stroller preferably close fabric that breathes well, but protects with a sun and prevents insects. Читать полностью -->

Air baths for babies and children


Hardening babies up to a year is automatically done normal weekly procedures: physical jerks, swimming and walking. Parents do not necessarily experience a child infant extreme temperatures. General tempering procedures, which are shown all a babies are safe and do not request particular consultation with a pediatrician.

Hardening of children with air baths is one of a simplest procedures. Beginning with the birthday of a newborn, my mother every day, one way or some, puts his tempering with air baths.

Domestic air baths for babies

A air temperature in a rooms where sleeping newborn newborn, where he eats breast natural milk, and where it will be stripped to do air baths want not be below 23 degrees. So babies have older, it can be a small drop. At the age of one year of healthy baby may undress at 20 degrees.

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How to wean a baby with breast-feeding


Weaning child from lactation, both for the child and the mum is not always smooth. This physical and emotional discomfort, when the mum feels that moving away from the newborn. This situation can bring to depression. To avoid the complications should be extremely careful in this question.

However a most painless to disaccustom a newborn with lactation

If you accumulate a lot of chest milk, as experience can be used child 20 seconds to pick up away the excess natural milk and discomfort disappear. Want not bind tightly breasts during weaning with ore feeding is useless. The volume of natural milk, and as will decrease and eventually disappear completely effortlessly.

With a moderate amount of natural milk, the transition from breastfeeding to a cup or bottle need be gradual. Читать полностью -->

Determination of sex of the child


Determine a sex of a baby earlier birth care almost every duo - approximately even deliberately outline conceived baby of a particular sex, following various methods. Most ofttimes in a course are calendar calculations and diet, which are assumed to influence the sex of a baby. Based on this knowledge, the parents are thinking the name of the heir and adjust the list of what to buy for the birth of a newborn.

Determine a sex of a baby by scientific methods

The most accurate approach of determining the sex of the newborn before birthday is an ultrasound, and a baby's gender prediction will be more accurate if it does not hold in the 1-st, but at least the second trimester.

Way of determining the sex of the baby in this case is quite simple: a expert looks at the strawberries, and he sees his primary sexual characteristics. In some cases, when a child "does not request" to appear, we enjoy to conclude on a basis of other parameters - studying a structure of the skeleton and a ratio of the sizing of the bones and tissues.

However, we need realize that, even in this case there may be mistakes - unfortunately, it happens even in a 21st century.

There are additional methods of determining a sex of a baby - they can be attributed to the calendar how they are based on the date of birthday of parents, date of conception, a fetus and ovulation, however well so moments of "Blood Pack" - the date of a transactions and other surgical procedures in a aging body of moms and dads.

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