Treatment of congenital spine deformities in nice children


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Style for attractive moms


Style questions are serious for a prettily mother is no less than a security of its own child, how in a whirlwind of important and urgent concerns of a child newborn is easy to forget the manicure, thin hair and great clothes at least until a year before a baby will fail. As, this can not be done in a case - by becoming his mom, it is significant to be able to stay not alone his wife but also his girlfriend.

Style for a young mom: Common Mistakes

With the birthday of a baby, many moms are totally immersed in a maintenance of a toddler and the shopping today revolves solely around the needs of a loved newborn. Now, they alone To think of some as to enjoy a 4-month-old child was impressive and enviable wardrobe, and themselves go for a walk in faded jeans and her husband's jacket. It's rough, error can not be tolerated!

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My mom is a most lovely!


The 1-st year of newborn's life very gravely for my mother. If this is a first baby, she learns to be a mom, if a second or 3-rd, so she has to combining care for grown children to care about a newborn. Extremely frequently cases so much that time a woman spinning in little circles. She is literally no time to sit down. In a evening, it literally falls from exhaustion. And such a routine for many mothers become familiar rhythm.

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Birthmarks in babies


When no light there child, moms and dads it may not be enough. None of them will come to mind and objective assessment of the nice of the baby, because it has nothing to do with happiness and pride for child crumbs.

But to call parental love "blind" alone in a figurative sense, because my mother every time examining the child. Balneum a newborn - a lovely time to have a great be over it. That are required to keep track of changes to a baby. In particular, the constant striving birthmarks.

Birthmarks in children

Birthmarks, despite a name, is not always present in the body of a child at its birthday. Often they occur some weeks following birthday crumbs. Читать полностью -->

Strabismus in babies


Why there is strabismus in children? How helf is it dangerous? What should moms and dads if a kid mow skin eyes?

Caring for a child child delivered by parents not only worries, but not with a incomparable pleasure. Watching a crumb sleeps, eats, is absorbed in a new life, my mom opens it for you. It happens that a effect of these observations are not entirely pleasant discoveries, like strabismus in children. Toddlers first 30 days of life, which is classified how babies are frequently exposed to strabismus. With what this is connected?

Where does strabismus in infants?

Squint or strabismus, newborn occurs in infants how a consequence of a weakness of the eye muscles. Babies are not able to control a movement of a eyeballs, so your skin eyes can look in different directions. Читать полностью -->

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