Temperature at grudnichka


Why fever in a child?

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Hardening baby h2o


When and how to hardening of the child with water, however that it became stronger, and not a cold-blooded? What should be the water treatment?

One of the most common ways of tempering children are h2o treatments. You are affordable to all infants of all ages. Water gently affects the skin and a immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Making weekly evening swimming, parents influence a newborn's aging body with h2o, so the proceedings is performed hardening and creating a base for his soundness. Seasoned newborn is protected against a lot of viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mother every day to bathe a child in the bath, washes it and washes. These water treatment can be performed with h2o of different temperatures. It all depends on the age and intensity of hardening.

H2o hardening while swimming

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Colds in children


Temperature, eyes dull, pale cheeks, or on the contrary, a red, flowing out of the spout, refuses the fresh - the kid had a coldness. Somewhere deep down you knew that would otherwise not raise a newborn, but how do you should to believe the best. Do not worry and do not panic. Presently alone depends on you however fast a newborn will go done a painful symptoms.

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The role of garments in a formation of goodness tasting


Clothes for babies requires a particular approach. On a one hand the child is growing rapidly, and buy much of clothes he just does not make sense, but on a other - however need to see the child, especially a girl, dress nicely, because childhood however quickly. And also, you should not get overlooked a fact that a little girl is the formation of taste and style, so from an early age my mother want not lose sight of the field of his efforts. And putting a girl keep to remember that by doing however it teaches her to a certain style of clothes, it forms a tasting of her personality.

So going to buy a thing for a girl to consider not alone how much wearable and comfortable it will be, but from how far however wear meets fashion, how she looks at a girl, especially in a older girls how combines all items of wear together. Do not let a girl dress as she herself wanted it, it should bring up the taste, starting from an early age, which would so, when a girl is an adult, she could easily choose up a stylish and fashionable wardrobe, even regardless of a income. It is not necessary to get much of their money and buy expensive clothes in ordering to dress tastefully.

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Hardening baby. All of hardening infants


What is tempering? Speaking a language of science, is to increase a body's resistance to adverse environmental influences, like too big or, conversely, a deep temperature of air and water, changes in humidity or atmospheric pressure.

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