Determination of sex of a baby


Determine a sex of the newborn before birthday maintenance almost every couple - approximately even deliberately outline conceived newborn of a particular sex, following various methods. Most frequently in a course are calendar calculations and diet, which are assumed to influence the sex of a child. Based on this knowledge, the parents are thinking the name of the heir and adjust a list of what to buy for a birthday of a baby.

Determine the sex of a child by scientific methods

The most accurate way of determining a sex of a newborn before birth is an ultrasound, and the child's gender prediction will be more accurate if it does not hold in a first, but at least a second trimester.

Approach of determining a sex of the baby in this case is quite simple: a expert looks at a fresh fruit, and he sees his primary sexual characteristics. In some cases, when a baby "does not require" to appear, we have to conclude on the basis of other parameters - studying a structure of a skeleton and the ratio of the size of a bones and tissues.

As, we must realize that, even in this case there may be mistakes - unfortunately, it happens even in a 21st century.

There are additional methods of determining a sex of the child - you can be attributed to a calendar however you are based on the date of birthday of moms and dads, date of conception, the fetus and ovulation, as properly so moments of "Blood Pack" - the date of the transactions and other surgical procedures in the body of parents.

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Organization of a holiday - it's easy!


Birthday - this is probably the most important holiday for a newborn. That's alone in a majority of cases in babies all birthdays are monotonous. It seems to be near loved ones, similar and congratulations poured merry brook, and gifts abound... But only, it is still something missing! So a child's parents begin to To think of about as the upcoming birthday of the child do not like the previous one.

Organization and holding of festivals - that's a general matter faced by most moms and dads. You face, however you To think of, a number of unresolved and complex questions. Where to celebrate the birthday of the baby? What kind of entertainment to pick out? Whom to invite?

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