Time Management magnetically mother


Time Management young mom - is the ability to organize a time in such a method however to make all of a case without prejudice to the soundness and mood of the child. Do you Think about it it is impossible? So you're just not familiar with time management prettily mum. This needs to be fixed!

Basics of time management a beautiful mother

Every woman 18 years old knows that the birth of a newborn in her life will possess more responsibilities and less free time, but despite an underlying willingness to change, the situation is a complete lack of freedom is shocking and annoying. Do not panic - a some tips to help you organize your time and bring order to daily life.

Organize a area. Having a separate children's rooms - that's great, but given a fact that prior to the year the baby is almost always necessary to keep a must in any placement to have a put where he may play as long however you do items. In ordering to keep pace with all the should to revise the ergonomics of a placement - everything you claim items want be within easy reach.

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Constipation in pregnancy


The question of constipation during pregnancy face almost all gerls. You arise due to changes in a physiology of a aging body, because of the change of regimen activity and even due to changes in a meal carte. Let's talk about what to do with constipation during pregnancy - how to avoid them and how to cure, if avoided, nevertheless, failed.

Prevention of constipation in pregnancy

Knowledge approximately the prevention of constipation is beneficial not only during pregnancy, but also later in your - not always getting correct intestinal peristalsis immediately later birthday. In most cases you get to wait for any more time, because baby upkeep up to a year does not leave much time for a young girl your own needs.

Eat rightly. Eat fresh fresh fruits and vegetables - you possess lots of fiber. Give up the fried and fatty foods in favor of non-treated thermally or steamed. Читать полностью -->

1-st signs of pregnancy


It is believed that the young girl recognized the first signs of pregnancy and intuitively know size a change of his fortune from the extremely 1-st days. Maybe as, but this statement has more to do with mysticism than to medicine. A clinical condition of the body changes were observed alone in 2 week with conception. True, to recognize a 1st signs of pregnancy without thinking it will be very gravely.

A 1st clinical signs of pregnancy

Speaking of the early signs of clinical pregnancy, we're talking about the size of changing the level of women's chorionic gonadotropin, which is observed in a blood of pregnant gerls. Also called "hormone of pregnancy" - it can be discovered by analyzing the urine or blood of a patient.

Early diagnosis of pregnancy may be trusted completely acquired a pharmacy test (it works exactly to determine a concentration of hCG), but trust him 100 percent, of course, is not necessary. For the exact definition refer to a clinic - after analysis expert may give you an accurate medical report. Читать полностью -->

Temperature at grudnichka


Why fever in a child?

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Hardening baby. All of hardening infants


What is tempering? Speaking a language of science, is to increase a body's resistance to adverse environmental influences, like too big or, conversely, a deep temperature of air and water, changes in humidity or atmospheric pressure.

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Blog "Kids-tot"


Birth of a baby, of course, a greatest happiness that nature gives us. Pregnancy is a unique case, and every woman 18 years old will go through incredible changes over a nine months. Pregnancy brings a woman 18 years old to a basic event that will change her life. It would be fine if every girl 18 years old was familiar with an experienced, knowledgeable person who had gone through it myself.

Blog "Kids-tot" - a great book for planning, pregnant gerls and new parents. "Kids-tot" covers all the method from planning new moms and dads of a baby to his upbringing.

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