Mode baby 10-12 weeks


Baby grows and becomes more independent, and sometimes whimsical. You will not know his complaisant baby: he's not same that. At times, it begins to seem that he specifically strive a patience. Far with it, in an event no malicious intent, just a baby came the recession. This is normally begins on a eve of the first day of birthday.

Prescription treatment in this case is simple: love and affection. However, this does not mean that you want to crash a ordinary mode of a time and to be led by a baby. Читать полностью -->

Vitamins for infants


In winter and spring, when most babies get to hurt, extremely tired and cranky, many mothers are asking: is it possible for babies up to one year to give the vitamins and what vitamins you opt?

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Rash in a baby. How to prevent rashes


Rash in a newborn of a first year of life - a fairly common phenomenon.

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Choosing a physician for a child


Found in contemporary children's clinic Aybolita goodness medical man is much difficult. And it's not that great doctors extinct, just a medical man, particularly people with a specific behavior, preferences. Going in search of children's physician, my mom is looking for, above all, a good man (from their perspective).


Significant role in medicine playing experience. Especially for pediatricians. Experienced specialist speedily and without additional suffering for your baby and parents diagnose, advise home remedies for cold, tell the mom as to increase milk supply, and answers to a lot of of her questions.

However, in any cases, a experience may not do a very goodness job. Ofttimes veteran pediatricians, coming to a sick newborn, diagnosed without looking, thinking that if the previous 10 calls were around rotavirus infection, and the eleventh, too. Читать полностью -->

Newborn 3 months. Baby Growth 3 months


At 3 weeks of age the newborn starts to really gulit. Been made, a vowels become syllables: gu, ASU, etc. A newborn can maintain such a some minutes talking with a grateful companion.

In basic, a baby begins to claim more attention. He laughs and smiles when the mum turns to him, and it could upset loudly from lack of efforts.

Toys over the crib finally found his grateful admirers. Waking baby will be happy to touch their hand, reaching out for him, thunder, etc.

Rattle will distract the baby with a bad mood for a some minutes. As, it should be clean out, because a baby's development is based on three weeks of oral sensations, ie newborn is perceived by taste receptors located in a mouth. Читать полностью -->

Good time to pregnancy


Although family planning and is God's fisheries, and along no harm will pick out best time for pregnancy. Responsible approach this issue, you will not alone make it easier for yourself during pregnancy, but also be able to give a baby up soundness care and a great mood. Let's choose the best time for pregnancy together!

Best time for pregnancy

Of course, to pick best time for pregnancy want individually, taking into account personal circumstances and preferences. So, let's get!

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