As to teach babies to be respectful to a their money


Children quickly learn about a world and learn its existing laws, and why establish a link between money, mysteriously appearing in his parents' purse, and the satisfaction of his own desires for them is not gravely. One item is clear: there is their money - will be buying! So, so exactly the parents get to make family capital is generally less interesting. In the junior school age, there are alone "I demand" and "Buy", limited parental "no". Precisely because of this limitation, we have to experience is not a most pleasant moments of doubt. Wants the baby to be provided with all a necessary, but the ability of a purse is not unlimited, and spoil the newborn is not desirable, because queries are growing yet with the crumbs, and one time you may right recognize in a baby egoist. However how may it be? Rephrase the perennial issue: "To buy or not to buy? '. Читать полностью -->

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