The role of clothes in a formation of good taste


Clothes for babies requires a exceptional approach. On a one hand the child is growing rapidly, and buy a lot of clothes he just does not make sense, but on the other - how want to see a newborn, particularly a girl, dress nicely, because childhood as quickly. And also, you must not possess overlooked the fact that a small girl is the formation of taste and style, how with an early age my mum want not lose sight of a field of his efforts. And putting a girl have to remember that by doing as it teaches her to a certain style of garments, it forms a tasting of her personality.

How going to buy a thing for a girl to consider not only however much wearable and comfortable it will be, but from so far as wear meets fashion, however she looks at the girl, especially in the older girls so combines all items of wear together. Do not let a girl dress however she herself wanted it, it need bring up a tasting, starting from an early age, which would so, when the girl is an adult, she could easily select up a stylish and fashionable wardrobe, even regardless of the income. It is not necessary to have a lot of your money and buy expensive clothes in order to dress tastefully.

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However to disaccustom a newborn from a soothers pustyshki. Proschaemsya without tears.


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Erythema children


Erythema newborns - a disease or a common reaction babies? What are a varied types of erythema, how they differ and as treated?

Newborn baby for a parents and loved ones is always lovely, but older babies and immediate evil neighbors may ask: "why a child however red?" Quite simply, it is a first 7 days of life the baby is exposed to such a state how a physiological neonatal erythema. It gives a skin and redness in a child for a any hours.

In addition to the physiological neonatal erythema toxic erythema and at times it happens in a little percentage of babies. Both conditions are almost never demand treatment, you need only time and exceptional look after a child.

Physiological neonatal erythema

Physiological erythema is a kind of reaction to a new baby's skin for a habitat. Terms of fetal baby are much various from air, where he will live, however in the first 7 days toddler skin adapts.

The adaptation process is accompanied by increased blood flow to a skin. Dilated capillaries do child red everywhere, or, in some cases, a redness extends only to the arms and legs.

There is such a state of the 2 or three times later birth, and is 7-10 hours without any intervention on a part of moms and dads.

To accelerate the disappearance of erythema recommend production child air baths, which are required in order to "cool" a aging body of a baby. Often accompanied by redness of a face peeling, so by a physician, It is possible to apply baby cream.

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At sea with a small baby


When it's time to leave, the whole population tends closer to a heartwarming sea. And moms with kids are no exception, recent air goodness for kids - it strengthens their health and contributes to a normal evolution of the respiratory tract. Correctly if your baby is more than a year, a problems of adaptation to a hot climate should not be. What to do for families with kids, do not even celebrate his first birthday?

The most influential item in these cases thoroughly prepare for the trip, opt a suitable place of rest which shall be provided with all a equipment and provide the child with a required items for a comfortable existence. Gather on a sea with a baby is complete to not hoping to buy anything to rest on arrival, how you request blends, purees or even diapers there may not be.

1st of all, do not radically replace the climate zone, perfect for a family with a newborn stay in the Crimea. Resort, located in a dense coniferous forest the best option for a holiday. Читать полностью -->

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